Shared Heartbeats
The moment you give birth to your child a strong bond arises, but there’s one fundamental connection which is lost along the way – the calming sound of a mother’s heartbeat.
Utilizing technology in a way that can bring people closer is the main principle of Telekom’s long term vision, and one of the many manifestations of this is the Shared Heartbeats project – an initiative to recreate the link between the mother and child when they’ve got separated after birth.
Synced heartbeats
Using heart rate sensor for real time vital signs
Vital sign sensors are not a new thing. The question is: can you utilize them in a way that has never done before? Using the heart rate sensor of your Apple Watch we created an application that can translate your actual heart rate into audible heartbeat.
Download application
Once you opened App Store search for Shared Heartbeats by Telekom.
After installing, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to My Watch, select the Shared Heartbeats app, and turn the Show App on Apple Watch function on.
Now you simply open the Shared Heartbeats app on your Apple Watch.
Connect speaker
Once it’s loaded, you have to link the application to a Bluetooth-capable speaker or to your default device. Your default device can be your iPhone as well.
Turn on Bluetooth
Make sure your phone can see your Bluetooth devices. Go to settings – Bluetooth and check if the Bluetooth function is on.
Get ready to share
You’re almost ready, just make sure you turned Do Not Disturb mode on and press start.
Let the heartbeats go
Once you pressed start, the heart rate sensor calculates your heartbeat per minute, and sends it to the Bluetooth speaker. What you hear is your actual beating heart. Calming, isn’t it?!
Shared Heartbeats app
The ultimate bond between mother and child.
Simply install the app on your Apple Watch, turn on Do not disturb mode, sync it with a Bluetooth speaker, and let your heart connect.